Shyla’s Initiative

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Will Shyla need to lose her life to regain her self?
Thirty-five-year-old novelist Shyla Wishon fears that her life is spinning out of control since her recent marriage to Carl Cores. First, her overbearing new mother-in-law moves from New Jersey to Florida to be close to her son, followed by a steady stream of visiting relatives who become a constant intrusion on what was once her time to write. To make matters worse, Carl’s two grown daughters refuse to have anything to do with her, his former wife is still making demands, and even though Carl has a good job, bills are starting to pile up.
Shyla tries to cheerfully accept the responsibilities that come with a new marriage and the inevitable adjustments, but the stress is leaving her with constant migraines, a lack of energy, and, worst of all, an inability to write. While she is in Naples, Florida, teaching a creative writing course, Shyla becomes entangled in soul transference and animal sacrifice through the ancient Santerian beliefs of Regla de Ocha. It is through these beliefs and a remarkable series of events that ultimately allow her to escape her present life and become a new and fulfilled woman.
Award Winning Author
Shyla’s Initiative is Barbara Casey’s first novel for adult readers, and her first IPPY Finalist award. She has numerous publication credentials, some of which are listed on her author’s page.
More recently she has won an IPPY silver medal for Best Regional Fiction in the South-East for her latest novel, The Gospel According to Prissy.
A native of Illinois, Barbara Casey now resides in North Carolina and is the president of a literary agency. Visit her website for a blog, a virtual book tour schedule, and more:
Book Info
ISBN Paperback 5-1/2 x 8-1/2: 9781890109783
SRP: $12.95
149 pages
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