Dori Dalton

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The Shamrock and The Feather is Dori Dalton’s premiere novel and brings to life her passion for photography, the American West, and mysticism. Her gift of storytelling was inherited from her parents and is illustrative of her German-Irish heritage. From her core came this believable tale of lost love, ancient worlds and forgotten promises.
Dori has lived in Hawaii, Texas, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and presently, New Mexico. Her keen observation of the Four Corners region and its people, folklore, and sacred sites are vividly captured in her poetic writing style.
In-depth research is second-nature in Dori’s approach to fiction writing, thereby enriching the reader’s knowledge alongside the characters’ personal journeys. The author believes that a smidgeon of truth always exists within the fantasy.
Upcoming projects include another metaphysical mystery, this one involving missing bodies, funeral homes, and ghosts. The working title is Where’s Waldo (sign up for our enewsletter to get a pre-release copy and find out what the real name will be).
The Daltons currently live in Santa Fe with her husband, composer/jazz pianist Bert Dalton.

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