About Us

Crossquarter Publishing Group is the book publishing arm of Earth Healers Inc.

Our Mission

Disseminate information to allow all people to live in spiritual and physical harmony with the land. We do this by:

  • promoting personal sovereignty
  • fostering cross-culture understanding
  • increasing environmental awareness

Our Method

Multi-media products that promote wellness in its widest definition in the areas of health, thought, finances, spirituality, sovereignty and human potential

What We Do

Crossquarter was started in 1986. The company currently:

  •  publishes books
  • sponsors the Touch the Earth Lightly Scholarship for peoples of native descent to do graduate research in the life sciences
  • increasing awareness of environmentally friendly publishing techniques, such as non-tree (sustainable) papers, agri-inks, and “print quantity needed” (PQN)

And in the past we also:

  • hosted dharma: the search for right livelihood, a 1/2-hour interview show, which aired on 90.7 FM KSFR Santa Fe, New Mexico

If you have any ideas that Crossquarter might pursue, please contact us.

 Our Book Imprints

  • Crossquarter Breeze: alchemy, self help, personal development
  • Xemplar: biographical examples of living the CQtr mission
  • Herb & Spice: herbs for healthy living
  • Fenris Brothers: business with an attitude
  • CrossTIME: scifi/fantasy/adventure/paranormal fiction that showcases human potential